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  • Fuel Processors – The small characteristic dimensions of micro channel reactor allow chemical reactions to approach intrinsic kinetic rates with minimal heat and mass transfer resistances to achieve orders of magnitude reduction in reactor volume compared to conventional reactors. Utilizing innovative reactor designs and micro fabrication methods, Energia Technologies is currently developing ultra compact fuel processors to reform a high energy density fuel and produce hydrogen for use in both high and low temperature fuel cells systems.Micro Channel The integrated “liquid fuel to power” system is expected to be cost effective and light weight with high specific energy and energy density. The integrated power system can be used for primary or auxiliary power in unmanned vehicles.
  • Fuel Cell Systems- The low temperature proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells typically operate at temperature of 80C and use hydrogen fuel. The hydrogen fuel for the fuel cells can be produced from conversion of liquid hydrocarbons in a chemical reaction called reforming. A byproduct of the reforming reaction is carbon monoxide (CO) which poisons the fuel cell membrane. Effective CO mitigation is a critical issue that must be resolved to successfully achieve high specific energy, high energy density and durable operation for these fuel cell systems. Energia Technologies is currently developing novel CO mitigation strategies to address the CO poisoning issue. This CO mitigation technology can enable deployment of fuel cell powered portable devices untethered by power cords.
  • Biomass Conversion - Biomass such as agricultural wastes, animal farm wastes, energy crops and municipal wastes are renewable resources which have the potential to accelerate the realization of hydrogen as fuel of the future. The use of biomass for power generation also offers environmental benefits of cleaner air and water. Distributive power generation can also be realized worldwide without expensive investment in power delivery infrastructure. Thermochemical conversion of biomass offers a unique opportunity to utilize renewable resources, manage greenhouse gas emissions and produce clean hydrogen and power. Successful use of biomass to meet the future energy needs depends on efficient means to clean-up the product gas resulting from biomass conversions. Energia Technologies offers novel product gas clean-up strategies to resolve issues with particulates, alkali compounds, tars, nitrogen and sulfur contaminants.
  • Biofuels – Conventional processes for conversion of coal or biomass to liquid transportation fuels begin first with air separation to obtain the oxygen which is fed to a gasifier to produce production gas that must be cleaned and processed to give the appropriate carbon to hydrogen ratio for the Fischer Tropsch (FT) reactor. The FT liquid undergoes product upgrading to produce diesel and naptha liquid fuels. Energia Technologies is developing novel integrated systems and reactor design to efficiently covert raw biomass and bio-oils to final transportable biofuel products. Compared to conventional processes, our approach does not use gasifier which requires upstream air separation and also does not need FT reactor. Our production gas clean-up method incorporates significant consolidation of unit operations. These unique elements allow our process to have much greater cost advantages compared to conventional technology. The bio-diesel, bio-gasoline and bio-kerosene produced from our process are expected to have comparable fuel properties and performance to their petroleum based counterparts.
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