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  • Reaction Engineering: Perform reactor analysis including reactor hydrodynamics, design, modeling and scale-up. Have extensive background on different reactor types including fixed bed reactors, bubble column reactors, stirred tank reactors, micro reactors, three-phase fluidized bed and membrane reactors. Developed methanol fuel processor reactor model including methanol reforming kinetics to predict product distribution and optimize reactor performance. Performed thermal and compositional process integration of methanol fuel processor, PEM fuel cell stack and balance of plant to obtain system metrics for specific energy and energy density.
  • Reactor Modeling: Develop kinetic network models from bench scale data to represent specific catalyst or process performance. Analyze pilot plant data to determine reaction rate, reaction order, activation energy and rate constant. Assess impact of transport limitations on intrinsic kinetics. Incorporate thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, momentum, heat and mass transport effects into reactor models to simulate reactor performance including product yields, conversion, pressure drop and temperature distribution. Validate and compare reactor model predictions with commercial reactor performance.
  • Process Research: Develop innovative technologies based on novel reactor concepts and conduct proof-of-concept testing. Build and operate pilot plant facilities and prototype demonstration units at elevated temperature and pressure. Design and conduct experiments to obtain plant performance data. Develop design methods and criteria for micro reactor operation to give order of magnitude improvement in reactor performance compared to conventional reactors. Applied micro reactor technology to provide unique solutions in generating power for portable devices. Develop multifunctional reactors capable of significant consolidation of unit operations such as a single vessel which can carry out low temperature shift, high temperature shift and simultaneous hydrogen separation.
  • Process Evaluation: Examine new process concepts and technologies. Determine technical and economic feasibility. Specialize in conducting thorough evaluation of technical viability of the new process concept with due consideration to scale-up issues. Perform process evaluation for production of hydrogen from renewable biomass resources utilizing novel reactors and process integration concepts. Determine that cost-effective clean hydrogen could be produced from biomass for distributive power generation applications.
  • Process Scale-up: Develop transport models and correlations to evaluate controlling mechanisms in process scale-up. Have extensive background in multiphase flow, heat, mass and momentum transfer. Develop flow regime maps, pressure drop correlations, phase hold-ups and heat transfer characteristics for multiphase catalytic and non-catalytic systems. Provide design specifications to achieve adequate reaction, mass and heat transfer, solids suspension and gas dispersion for stirred tank reactors. Determine phase holdups, interfacial areas, residence time distribution and solids settling for autoclaves and provide guidance for impeller design optimization.
  • Process Design: Perform process integration and optimization through process design and engineering. Generate process flow sheet using process simulators to optimize and define operating parameters for the entire process plant to maximize desired product outputs and minimize waste discharges. Determine specifications for all major equipment. Work with equipment manufacturers to obtain equipment cost estimates. Obtain capital and operating costs for integrated process. Perform economic feasibility analyses to determine rate of return on investment and profit opportunities.
  • Plant Operations: Provide troubleshooting of commercial-scale production plants. Have extensive experience in troubleshooting of commercial petroleum hydroprocessing plants worldwide. Work with plant operations teams to obtain plant operating data. Analyze plant data and provide practical recommendations for plant operation to have better safety measures, reduce plant operating costs and extend plant run life.
  • Cold Flow Testing : Build and operate cold flow facilities at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure to elucidate reactor and process vessel hydrodynamics.
    Utilize computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to model complex flow phenomena in reactors and other process equipment. Validate CFD simulations with experimental data from cold flow tests. Have extensive experience in development of reactor internals for flow distribution, quenching and fluid mixing for fixed bed multiphase reactors. Develop reactor internal design guidelines and calculation tools to provide accurate fabrication specifications.
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